Children are Being Murdered in Gaza. Right Now, like Cattle.


This is going to be a short post; it is functional, not intended to bring anything massively new to the table. “Operation Protective Edge” has seen hospitals, centres for disability, even children playing on the beach as targets for bombing. 8,000 Israeli troops have been sent into Gaza, 1 of the most populous places on the planet. This is genocide.

1stly, it is important to understand why this is happening. A large amount of bourgeois coverage has centred on the utterly ludicrous proposition that “Israel is defending itself”. This is transparently absurd. The targeting of children is not a tactic for defence, it is a war-crime. It is barbarity. A quick glance at the death toll very clearly indicates that this has nothing to do with defence, nothing whatsoever.

Israel has a vested economic interest in the current attacks on Gaza. Just off the coast of Gaza, there is a reserve of 1.4 trillion cubic feet of gas. Hamas, for Israel, proves itself as an obstacle to securing a gas deal. As the logic of a colonial-settler state goes, Israel is attempting to destroy it. Although somewhat muddled, this article provides a large amount of information regarding this.

We can see a clear motivation for the current attacks here, 1 found in material resources. However, I think it equally important to recognise the links between this & ideology, specifically the ideology of Zionism. Let us be clear: Zionism was developed as a secular ideology, outside of Judaism. It is not the ideology of Judaism, but a racist distortion, with fascist overtones. Zionism posits that Palestine is Israel & that Israel is the home of Jewish people alone. It posits that Palestine must not exist, that Palestine & consequently Palestinians must be erased from existence – both now & historically. These 2 things – material interest, ideological interest – can allow us to begin to form an understanding of what is happening now.

We must also be entirely clear, Britain has a vested material-political Imperialist interest in Israel & the destruction of Palestine. This article clearly discusses Britain’s support for Zionism historically. Currently, a huge amount of British companies provide financial support to Israel & support Zionism politically; the British state, whether it is headed by Labour or Tory, backs Israel to the hilt. What is happening in Gaza is the brutal, naked face of Imperialism.

I urge you to take action, to get organised & to boycott companies that offer support to Israel. I urge you to pledge your unconditional support to the liberation of the Palestinian people. I urge you to stand against Imperialism. Freedom for Palestine!

Revolutionary Communist Group statement on latest attacks.


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