The Pig


David Cameron face-fucked a dead pig. The Prime Minister of the oldest Imperialist nation on the planet shoved a (presumably stiff) ‘part of his anatomy’ into the rotting jowls of a future sausage.

You only get to write some sentences once.

This is all common knowledge. It initially landed in a Daily Mail article. There are now memes, 1000s & 1000s of Facebook posts & an outpouring of newspaper articles. It’s almost as if we’ve eaten too much bacon – cholesterol is clogging the arteries of every media outlet. Every1 knows about THE PIG. If I’m honest, I feel as if I’m living in a GK Chesterton novel.

Here’s the thing though: it is senseless. The asinine, surreal nature of Cameron’s farmyard frolicking is meaningless. It has no logical place in reality. THE PIG is more than the simple bitterness of Lord Ashcroft. It is more than a creepy initiation ceremony. It is more even than a simple distraction. THE PIG is a symbol: it is a latent development of bourgeois hegemony. It is exciting, funny, terrifying & absurd. THE PIG is postmodernism.

A while ago, I published a short story called Blindness. The idea of the story is that no1, other than myself (& only then because I came up with it), will be able to understand the totality of the plot’s events. Everything is alluded to; very little is show. The piece was inspired (not based on, or echoing) a short film by Adam Curtis, originally shown on Charlie Brooker’s 2014 Wipe.

I don’t agree with Curtis on everything, not even in the short space of this film. Nevertheless, the key ideas he articulates here are – to an extent – true. His feature film, Bitter Lake, expands on some of the ideas he talks about here. I don’t have space to run through my disagreements. Instead, I will state what I definitely agree with. Without a shadow of a doubt, the bourgeoisie constantly & necessarily run a campaign of deliberate confusion.

Hegemony is ‘the organisation of consent’. (Peter Ives, Language and Hegemony in Gramsci, p.64.) What is meant by this is that hegemony is the manner by which the ruling-class of any given society organise consent to their domination. Coercion (ie violence) is intricately interwoven into the fabric of hegemony. Speaking generally, coercion & consent reify 1 another. The campaign of confusion of the modern bourgeoisie is a pertinent example of how this is so. Every day we are given different examples of “truth”, each presented as a different opinion. The combination of these disparate narratives creates an intricate web, full of exceptional conclusions, that serves to disarm us. In the main, the absence of any discernable & real truth leaves us directionless. Our lack of direction makes us more readily accept authority. The violent aspect of bourgeois rule – the state – gives the impression of authority. Consent is created to bourgeois rule.

This creates a contradiction for the bourgeoisie: they must appear (simultanaeously) infallible & relatable. At no point can they allow the direct, class nature of their rule to be unveiled. Enter THE PIG.


I sincerely doubt that Cameron would want his ardent desire for pigs-in-blankets to become public knowledge. There are some things you just want to keep hidden. I’d assume fucking dead pigs is 1 of them. Cameron is a sacrifice. If he survives this, he has the best press team in the fucking world.

You might think I’m being hasty in calling Cameron a sacrfice. I could be getting away with my own metaphors, trapped in a world where every sentence has to include something about pork scratchings or an allusion to Lord of the Flies. Think again. 7% of Britain’s total population  attended a private school. This 7% makes up 71% of senior judges, 62% of senior officers in the armed forces, 53% of senior diplomats, 50% of members of the House of Lords, 45% of public body chairs, 43% of newspaper columnists, 36% of cabinet ministers, 33% of MPs, 26% of BBC executives, 22% of shadow cabinet ministers & 44% of the Sunday Times rich list. By contrast, Oxbridge graduates make up 1% of the population, but 75% of senior judges, 59% of cabinet ministers, 50% of diplomats, 47% of newspaper columnists, 44% of public body chairs, 38% of members of the House of Lords, 33% of BBC executives, 33% of shadow cabinet ministers, 24% of MPs & 12% of those on the Sunday Times rich list. (Andrew Sparrow, ‘Closed shop at the top in deeply elitist Britain, says study‘, The Guardian (28 August, 2014).) When something is in the media this much, the bourgeoisie want it to be in the media.

In brief, here’s why: Jeremy Corbyn. I do not support Jeremy Corbyn – I want to see what he does. I am opposed to Labour Party entirely – it is an Imperialist Party. However, his electoral victory demonstrates that ‘there is a growing anti-austerity anger’. (Roberty Clough, ‘Corbyn’s victory: Labour Party in crisis‘, Revolutionary Communist Group website (15 September, 2015).) Corbyn is popular & anti-austerity is unacceptable to the bourgeoisie. Cameron is not popular & pig-fucking makes him less so. THE PIG is a way to open up the leadership of the Conservative Party, to put a more likable face on austerity.

It is also exceptionally clever. By demonstrating that Cameron would be willing to go through with such a heinous act, the bourgeoisie show that he is fallible. We no longer consent to HIS rule. However, by positioning Cameron as subservient, the bourgeoisie retain their infallibility. He was willing to fuck Sunday lunch to be part of their club. They are, therefore, infallible. Class-rule is preserved & the present class-tactic of austerity can continue. Consent is created.

On a lighter note, it is disturbing me how important pork is turning out to be in British hegemony these days. Miliband’s career was ruined by a bacon sandwich; Cameron’s career is being ruined by him offering himself as a sandwich to some bacon.


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