“I Like Pizza, the Capitalist Patriarchy Must be Shitting Themselves”

We all know these people. They seem to think that they’re cool, that their anchor tattoos are unique & that there isn’t a goddamn thing that matters in the world aside from the forced pursuit of “fun”. Obviously, they’re hipsters. If you were that profound then you would be too. There isn’t any option but to maintain a diary in purpose-bought fake-leather notebooks. Continue reading “I Like Pizza, the Capitalist Patriarchy Must be Shitting Themselves”


2014: An Obligatory Post About Arbitrary Things

This is rather late insofar as 1 might call it a post actually about New Year. That said, something along these lines is probably necessary. It makes me appear like I might be able to relate to you personally or something. In order to maintain this illusion, this post is miscellaneous, not terribly interesting, & will be the only post on this blog that will not quote Marx, Lenin or Gramsci. Anyway, yes, I hope you all had good “iconoclasm for profit” & “the earth has circled the sun again, ain’t that neat?” days.  Continue reading 2014: An Obligatory Post About Arbitrary Things

“Our Hegemony is Bullshit”

“Every social group, coming into existence on the original terrain of an essential function in the world of economic production, creates together with itself, organically, one or more strata of intellectuals which give it homogeneity and an awareness of its own function not only in the economic but also in the social and political fields.” — Antonio Gramsci.

The title of this post came from a rather unassuming note made by 1 of my friends in the margin of my university dissertation about 2 years ago. They were helping me edit it & thought that the manner I had presented pub culture needed revision. I wasn’t crass enough, apparently. Incidentally, I have played with the idea of being more direct. My original title was, very simply, “Adventureland”: the White Middle-Class Dominate Hipster Cinéma

Continue reading “Our Hegemony is Bullshit”

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