RED is a cultural wing of the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG). The RCG believes that the way for human society to progress – or even to survive – is for capitalism to be destroyed. The British ruling class will never allow the system which maintains its domination to be wished or voted away – it will take a revolution led by the working class. The only alternative to capitalism is socialism: a conscious and organised process of constructing society in which people cooperate in order to meet their needs rather than serve the dictates of private profits; a society enabling the full development of every individual rather than privilege for a few.

Art is not merely a commodity used for distraction. It is a space where human beings fight out their ideologies, where they challenge and question the society they live in. We must break from the idea that art is merely a triviality, incapable of communicating anything meaningful, or the idea that art is a higher form which expresses “human nature”.

Art is a reflection of the human condition, the material circumstances in which humanity finds itself. RED seeks to use art as a weapon of protest.

RED Poster (comic website)

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