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Notes on the Crisis of Imperialism: Brexit [i]

Brexit series for FT.

This is the 1st 1/2 of a speech on the recent referendum on Britain’s membership to the European Union (EU). It deals with the the run up to the referendum, alongside the fundamental characteristics of British Imperialism & European Imperialism. A 2nd part, covering the Brexit crisis & the split in the British Labour party shall follow.

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Africa Does Exist: Amílcar Cabral at War


Who would not remember
That thunderous scream
—For it was yesterday
When I let out my scream of rebellion

Amílcar Cabral, ‘Who Would Not Remember’
(Translation by Gerald M. Moser).

Amílcar Cabral was shot dead at 1/2 past 10, on 20 January 1973. He was leaving the headquarters of the Afican Party for the Independence of Guinea & Cape Verde (PAIGC) in Conakry, Guinée with his wife, Ana Maria Cabral. Ana was then detained within the PAIGC jail. Cabral had led the PAIGC through 18 years of bitter struggle. The US Department of State said that under Cabral’s direction ‘the PAIGC developed into the most successful insurgent force facing the Portuguese.’ In the same document, they dryly note his support for the Soviet Union & the Cuban Revolution. (US Department of State, ‘Portuguese Guinea: The PAIGC After AmÍlcar Cabral‘.) He was 48.

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A Short Biographical Sketch of Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937)


Below is a section taken from a speech I delivered at a discussion group a couple of weeks ago on the work of Antonio Gramsci. The speech was intended to offer an introduction to the theory of hegemony – that is, the theory of how ideas & ideology operate as dominant within a totality of society. The section reproduced constitutes a short, biographical sketch of Gramsci himself. This provides context, much need in discussions of the theory of hegemony, the Italian Communist Party & fascism. Equally, a glance at Gramsci’s life rather deftly dispels any distortions of his character, toward a parliamentarian liberal or else merely an esoteric literary-cultural theorist.  Continue reading A Short Biographical Sketch of Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937)