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Halloween & Capital – a note


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A Short Biographical Sketch of Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937)


Below is a section taken from a speech I delivered at a discussion group a couple of weeks ago on the work of Antonio Gramsci. The speech was intended to offer an introduction to the theory of hegemony – that is, the theory of how ideas & ideology operate as dominant within a totality of society. The section reproduced constitutes a short, biographical sketch of Gramsci himself. This provides context, much need in discussions of the theory of hegemony, the Italian Communist Party & fascism. Equally, a glance at Gramsci’s life rather deftly dispels any distortions of his character, toward a parliamentarian liberal or else merely an esoteric literary-cultural theorist.  Continue reading A Short Biographical Sketch of Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937)

Algorithms, Unreality & Macroeconomics in Vidya


The above image came up on my Tumblr dashboard a couple of days ago. Quite correctly, it is being circulated with the understanding that it is humorous. The humour here is derived from the artificiality of the question posed to the player, complemented by the rudimentary attempt to systematise a “Communist society” within a game-space. In point of fact, the humour is derived from an extremely important observation on the nature of video-games as systemsContinue reading Algorithms, Unreality & Macroeconomics in Vidya

Fuck Your Humanity

I’ve seen a lot of stuff in the media recently, & heard a lot of stuff from people that I care about, that makes me believe that this post is necessary. This will be a serious post. It deals with something I’ve come up against again & again throughout my life: the discrimination against, & specific oppression of, those with disabilities. I think it is important to state, from the start, that there are differences in the ways that I have experienced this to, say, some1 in a wheelchair. My experience has been solely through the medium of mental health discrimination. It is also important to say that there are those doing some fantastic work on this, notably Black Triangle. Continue reading Fuck Your Humanity