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Cuba: ‘our goal was to maintain socialism’

[Speech delivered at a Cuba Vive! brigade report-back meeting in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on 20/05/15. The accompanying Prezi to this speech is available here. Slide numbers refer to Prezi. Certain sections of the speech have been elaborated upon here.]

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The Self as Totality


The most common bourgeois portrayal of Communists is that of a human-being stripped of its individual identity. Instead of a society of fully-formed, unique, personalities – that is, Capitalism to the bourgeoisie – Communism, we are told, is based upon servility & obedience. The cadre plotting such a heinous organisation of humanity are, apparently, themselves merely deluded disciples of a certain, singular personage – the Lenins, the Stalins, the Maos & the Castros of this world. Thus, the bourgeoisie present us with a painting: “Communism is a society entirely based upon the mindless recitation of dogma, headed by an individual possessed of a grand, duplicitous self; for the mass of humanity, Communism is the utter extinction of that most sacred commodity – the self.”

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