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Halloween & Capital – a note


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Henry Rollins Talks About Himself. Again.

Following the filth published by Rollins last week (my initial commentary; my emails to Rollins about this), Rollins has issued a statement on his blog, ‘An Apology‘, & a second article on the LA Weekly website, ‘More Thoughts on Suicide‘. Continue reading Henry Rollins Talks About Himself. Again.

Spiderman Isn’t That Amazing

Superheroes are intensely problematic. When I was about 19, I wrote a comic book script to attempt to describe why. The plot centred on a young man, probably in his early twenties, who becomes unemployed. He begins to fall into crime as result of this, stealing as a means to survive. At the end of the comic, a superhero beats him up & hands him to the police. There was nothing particularly interesting in the writing or the plot, but it underscores the kind of moral absolutes & class politics posited by the superhero archetype – Watchmen does so far better. Probably worth mentioning that I don’t want to do anything with the script, ever. I wrote a lot of shit when I was 19.
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A Note on Proletarian Art

In lieu of my last post, I think that it could be fairly interesting to quickly discuss the relationship between art, as a product, & hegemony. This is a broad sketch of something which, rather obviously, manifests itself in various different ways: production, consumption etc are not isolated phenomena. So, aye, what the fuck is that art shit all about then?  Continue reading A Note on Proletarian Art

Do Stuff!! Angry Stuff!!

‘[One] might say that state = political society + civil society, in other words hegemony protected by the armour of coercion’ – Antonio Gramsci, State as Gendarme – Nightwatchman, etc[1]

I’ve written a canny bit on here about hegemony. We’ve covered quite a lot: I’ve told you that bourgeois hegemony is bad & even explained whyrepeatedly. It might seem like overkill in order to describe what could be phrased as simply “everything we consume is shit & wants to kill us”. However, it is really, very important. Imagine if your fridge was about to stab you & I didn’t say anything? Exactly. You’d be pretty pissed off about missing the phantasmagoria, if nothing else.  Continue reading Do Stuff!! Angry Stuff!!

Quipu: A Note on Colonialism

A while back I watched a BBC documentary series called Lost Kingdoms of South America. It went into very little detail about anything from the point that Colonialism began to dominate the continent. Presumably, the justification for this is that the documentary wished only to study the “lost kingdoms” themselves. We don’t need to know why the “kingdoms” were “lost”. We don’t need to know that the very concept of genocide comes from the brutality of Colonialism. We don’t need to know that in 1928, the United Fruit Company massacred up to 2,000 people in 1 day in the Banana massacre. We’re shit-munchers, remember?  Continue reading Quipu: A Note on Colonialism