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My Email Correspondence With Henry Rollins

Following this article, I emailed Henry Rollins regarding his ableist attack upon people who have committed suicide. I publish the full correspodence below, in order to ensure that Rollins stands by what he committed to in his emails. Continue reading My Email Correspondence With Henry Rollins

A Short Note on Aesthetics

This post constitutes an expansion on the use of the term “aesthetics” in my previous posts. Previously, I have referred to the aesthetic as a specific realisation of purely formal technique. This is a necessary simplification for the sake of argument. However, the relationship is more complex than this.

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The Self as Totality


The most common bourgeois portrayal of Communists is that of a human-being stripped of its individual identity. Instead of a society of fully-formed, unique, personalities – that is, Capitalism to the bourgeoisie – Communism, we are told, is based upon servility & obedience. The cadre plotting such a heinous organisation of humanity are, apparently, themselves merely deluded disciples of a certain, singular personage – the Lenins, the Stalins, the Maos & the Castros of this world. Thus, the bourgeoisie present us with a painting: “Communism is a society entirely based upon the mindless recitation of dogma, headed by an individual possessed of a grand, duplicitous self; for the mass of humanity, Communism is the utter extinction of that most sacred commodity – the self.”

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An Abstract of Dialectical Materialism

‘Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement.’ — Vladimir Lenin.

Obviously, there are restrictions on what 1 can elaborate within an article. Dialectical materialism is the result of 1000s of years in human history – from Chinese dialectics in the Tao-Te Ching, through Indian materialism, Greek materialism, European rationalism, Hegel, Feuerbach, Marx, Lenin & up until the present. We can’t cover all of this. Instead, we are going to look at some of the fundamental developments in brief – Hegel’s critique of formal logic, Marx’s critique of Hegel – & provide a basic, hopefully practical, introduction to the theory itself. My comrade Duban has developed an introduction to the Marxist conception of history – the counter-part to this abstract – which can be found here. Continue reading An Abstract of Dialectical Materialism

Art Ain’t Magic

A strict dictionary definition of pretentious shows that I’m not pretentious. I do not possess even an iota of dignity, as a dialectical materialist I am aware that I, myself, am not terribly important.  I’m pompous, that I accept. But I am not pretentious. The only reason I’m highlighting this, aside from whatever vanity is hidden behind it, is to highlight the importance of appearance. This post is concerned with the appearance of art. This post & this post are probably useful to read before delving into the main body of text below. Continue reading Art Ain’t Magic

Do Stuff!! Angry Stuff!!

‘[One] might say that state = political society + civil society, in other words hegemony protected by the armour of coercion’ – Antonio Gramsci, State as Gendarme – Nightwatchman, etc[1]

I’ve written a canny bit on here about hegemony. We’ve covered quite a lot: I’ve told you that bourgeois hegemony is bad & even explained whyrepeatedly. It might seem like overkill in order to describe what could be phrased as simply “everything we consume is shit & wants to kill us”. However, it is really, very important. Imagine if your fridge was about to stab you & I didn’t say anything? Exactly. You’d be pretty pissed off about missing the phantasmagoria, if nothing else.  Continue reading Do Stuff!! Angry Stuff!!