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Nascent or “Organic” Proletarian Art


In my time as editor of the RED blog, I have been fortunate enough to come across 2 artists I would consider to be “organically” representative of proletarian art in its present stage of development. For the purposes of this piece, they will remain anonymous. I mean no offense by considering their art as “organic” or, more accurately, nascent. Quite the opposite is true. However, as I hope to work with the individuals in the future, I have opted to avoid any unintended offense.

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Somewhere in Germany, 1946


I have never published poetry before on this blog. Today, I make an exception.
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Algorithms, Unreality & Macroeconomics in Vidya


The above image came up on my Tumblr dashboard a couple of days ago. Quite correctly, it is being circulated with the understanding that it is humorous. The humour here is derived from the artificiality of the question posed to the player, complemented by the rudimentary attempt to systematise a “Communist society” within a game-space. In point of fact, the humour is derived from an extremely important observation on the nature of video-games as systemsContinue reading Algorithms, Unreality & Macroeconomics in Vidya

Do Stuff!! Angry Stuff!!

‘[One] might say that state = political society + civil society, in other words hegemony protected by the armour of coercion’ – Antonio Gramsci, State as Gendarme – Nightwatchman, etc[1]

I’ve written a canny bit on here about hegemony. We’ve covered quite a lot: I’ve told you that bourgeois hegemony is bad & even explained whyrepeatedly. It might seem like overkill in order to describe what could be phrased as simply “everything we consume is shit & wants to kill us”. However, it is really, very important. Imagine if your fridge was about to stab you & I didn’t say anything? Exactly. You’d be pretty pissed off about missing the phantasmagoria, if nothing else.  Continue reading Do Stuff!! Angry Stuff!!