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Mechanics: Boring Games


It’s ¼ to midnight. My partner & I are still awake. On an old TV screen, we play the 1st Harry Potter video game, on the PlayStation. The dull grey of an old control hasn’t left our hands for hours. There is nothing else to do.

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Algorithms, Unreality & Macroeconomics in Vidya


The above image came up on my Tumblr dashboard a couple of days ago. Quite correctly, it is being circulated with the understanding that it is humorous. The humour here is derived from the artificiality of the question posed to the player, complemented by the rudimentary attempt to systematise a “Communist society” within a game-space. In point of fact, the humour is derived from an extremely important observation on the nature of video-games as systemsContinue reading Algorithms, Unreality & Macroeconomics in Vidya

The Unity of Form & Content in Vidya

A while back, when I started this thing, I wrote an introduction to a series of articles under the title Marxcraft. Any1 that reads the blog regularly (you poor fuckers) will have realised that I haven’t followed this up. Like, not at all. Honestly, this is down to 2 reasons: 1) laziness/lack of time (if you were kind); 2) I set about doing Marxcraft wrong, we have to cover some basics 1st. Marxcraft will return once we’ve covered the basic of “traditional” video-game design/philosophy/whatever-term-you-fancy-this-stuff-isn’t-set-in-stone-yet. Today, we’re going to discuss the unity of form & content in video games.  Continue reading The Unity of Form & Content in Vidya

Marxcraft: Introduction


“Why on earth would a Communist waste their time playing Minecraft?” a comrade asks, interrupting my somewhat endless flow of syllables . I do not respond, but stare blankly at them. I mutter something about it being fun & theoretically interesting. I drop the conversation.  Continue reading Marxcraft: Introduction